We are on a mission to establish a premier doggie daycare franchise in central Florida. Doggos like ourselves are underserved and lack the care needed while our hoomans are working hard to put a woof over our heads and yummy treats on the table. We want a place where doggos can be themselves but also receive the attention, training, and socialization needed for a fuller and enriching life paw-fect for all breeds. It will be a place where we can paw-fect our skills and be groomed and pampered for a paw-sh life. Hoomans will appreciate the energy we exert at daycare, because it will help us rest at home. Did we mention that suites will also be available for staycations?

Some may consider daycare as a petty or an unnecessary expense; however, enrichment is vital to our health. The benefits far outweigh the cost. Although daycare is for doggos it is designed with their hoomans in mind. How often do hoomans go home to a mess because their fur-baby got bored or anxious while being home alone all day? Doggie daycare brightens the lives of hoomans and doggos alike! We get to exert all of our pinned-up energy in a safe and fun environment so that we don’t use our hoomans’ furniture and personal belongings as chew toys and so that we are not overly stimulated when our hoomans return.

Unlike many doggie daycares in the area our enrichment will be included in the daily daycare rate. Additional activities and training will be offered at a minimal charge. And special holidays will be paw-fect for capturing spirited memories as we grow. Our facilities will be equipped with cameras so that our hoomans can check-in at any time to ensure we are on our best behavior and that the coaches and counselors treat us like princes and princesses. In addition, our coaches and counselors will be first-aid and CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) certified for doggos, and a shuttle service for our busy hoomans will be available.

In the face of today’s economic challenges, we find it difficult to raise the capital needed to complete our mission. In July 2023, dad-da was laid off from work. It was at that time we formed Pawfields with hope and desire to be successful in our mission. It’s been exciting as we get closer to becoming operational and we would like to keep that drive and momentum as we take the next steps forward.

We have a few praw-jects in the works to help us generate the capital needed to get started. And we cannot wait to share the details with you all! The first project being our very own online store with custom Pawfields merch. So, be sure to check out some of the products we are offering and make your purchase today. Every dollar earned helps us reach our goal and complete our mission. We will also offer other items and accessories for our hoomans, and toys for the doggos! So, don’t forget to come back for a visit to see what is new.

Keep your eyes peeled, ears tuned, noses us, and paws forward for more details! We are excited about what’s to come!

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photos taken by Central Bark – East Orlando