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Our Goal

Aston and Nova seek to establish a premier dog daycare franchise in the central Florida area where they, along with their friends, can receive the enrichment, training, and socialization (with other dogs and hoomans) they desire and need. Additionally, the franchise will offer grooming and boarding services that pet parents seek within an underserved and rapidly growing pet industry. Play yards and pet suites will come equipped with video cameras so that the parents can check in on their pet any time of the day. Perhaps the most attractive service about this particular franchise is the shuttle service for those with busy schedules. However, the best part is that the staff will be first aid and CPR certified for dogs!

In the face of today’s economic challenges we find it difficult to raise the capital needed to open the franchise; and time is of the essence. In July 2023, Aston and Nova’s dad was laid off from work. It was at that time Pawfields began to form. It’s been exciting forming the business (from the creativity of the name and branding) and we would like to keep that drive and momentum as we take the next steps toward making this dream a reality. It’s a huge risk for Aston and Nova, because economic development (the job market) is not favorable for their hooman at this point in time. Although the corporate job went away the bills keep coming in. So, it is as this crossroads that we decided to move forward with the faith and confidence that others will come alongside us in support, and together reap the benefits!

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