Aston Prince and Nova Dawn were born in Orlando, Florida on June 21, 2022. They are litter mates with two sisters and a brother. Aston and Nova chose to go against the grain when it came to the traditional Australian Shepherd breed and kept their tails. They were able to reunite with the rest of their litter mates for their first birthday.

Aston is usually quiet while Nova usually initiates the barking, even if it’s to just say hello to another dog or person passing by. They love to give kisses and to have their bellies rubbed.

Nova likes to make sure her brother knows who’s boss when the hoomans aren’t watching.

They are both very intelligent and active, catching all of the looks and attention when they go out. They love to play fetch with their favorite ball and Aston loves the frisbee. On occasion, they like to chase water as it is sprayed across the yard. And they enjoy walks around the neighborhood when the temperature is cooler outside.

Aston and Nova are the leaders of this pack and the inspiration for our establishment. They are the reason we keep going, because they help the hoomans understand what is needed.