What does enrichment mean for hoomans?

Enrichment is vital for the development of humanity. People (hoomans) from all walks of life thrive with a proper support system and can excel with a network of allies committed to their edification and progress. However, enrichment is more than a concept or value. Enrichment is indicative of action and encapsulates the meaning and benefit of a fulfilling lifestyle.

Enrichment is the process of improving or enhancing the quality or value of life. Pawfields Enrichment Group seeks to advocate the importance of enrichment, but not just for people or their pets. We seek to bring the two together for an enriching lifestyle in communities that promote the wellbeing of hoomans as well as their best pals and canine counterparts.

In life’s journey we might ask questions from time to time that seek solutions for our happiness. Oftentimes, these questions center on three dynamic values held by today’s generation:

Validation, Free Expression, and Safety In Spaces

Validation reminds us that we are competent, logical, reasonable, appreciated, or loved.  Free expression enables us to share in our humanity with like-minded and diverse populations. People feeling safe in the spaces they occupy ultimately determines how, when, or where they go to express themselves freely, and to receive the validation they seek. These three pillars of enrichment, when combined and implemented in our society—among our interpersonal relationships with other hoomans and dogsreinforce a positive posture toward the cultural melting pot of humanity. Together, we can forge a way in finding enrichment in our humanity by finding purpose through the lives and pawfect touch of our dogs.

So, what does validation, free expression, and safety in spaces look like for hoomans in a diverse world? How can hoomans and dogs interact and bond with each other in a way that edifies and encourages both? Is there a link or correlation of enrichment between hoomans and canines? Where can we find enrichment?

While we may not have the answers to these questions our quest for discovering our purpose through the care we provide for all dogs will inevitably demonstrate the diversity of enrichment and the creative nature we are each empowered to embody in discovering our purpose and being fulfilled.

What does enrichment mean for dogs?

Occupational enrichment challenges dogs by giving them a job, which encourages physical and mental stimulation. Enrichment is necessary for dogs to manage their stress levels when encountering new environments, noises, unfamiliar objects or hoomans, pain or injury, transportation, or from boredom. Some dogs have a negative response to being confined to small spaces. How dogs will respond to stress will vary based on the breed, size, and temperament of the dog as well as the type of care being provided by their hooman (pet parent). Oftentimes, pet parents misunderstand or misinterpret their dog’s response to a given situation and thus respond in a similar way, making a difficult or scary situation even harder or scarier. It is crucial that pet parents learn what their dog finds enriching in order to help them manage their stress and in return help reduce stress for themselves.

On the other paw, enrichment is beneficial for the dog’s overall wellbeing and encourages both dog and hooman to interact with each other on a daily basis. Many of you may be asking, “How do the pillars of enrichment for hoomans relate to dogs?”

Much like hoomans—during their onboarding and training for a new job or beginning that next year or level of school—dogs yearn for validation. Validation for the dog (for example: treats, verbal cues, or physical affection as rewards for the dog’s behavior) is a reminder that their behavior is pleasing to the hooman. Free expression for a dog is simply “where a dog can be a dog.” It is important that the physical environment for the dog is conducive to their breed, size, and temperament. Many who live in the city do not have the luxury of a fenced-in yard for their dog to run and play. Others may need a place where dogs and hoomans gather for developing socialization skills. Some may need additional formal training for obedience or skills. Regardless of the motivation enrichment remains to be at the core of a dog’s care and wellbeing.

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